DECARBITE® Applications

DECARBITE® is used for the rapid or high performance quantitative absorption of carbon dioxide from gas streams, for scrubbing residual carbon dioxide from atmospheric gases, for use in carbon-hydrogen determinations, carbon dioxide removal from atmospheric gases, and various applications where carbon dioxide is an unwanted by-product gas.

DECARBITE® finds a wide range of applications as a CO2 getter, CO2 Scrubbers, CO2 Traps, CO2 Purifiers, CO2 Filters, Compressed Gas Purifiers or CO2 Trap Cartridge. Reducing the presence of CO2 in gas streams to the ppm range is especially critical in analytical applications where ultra pure carrier gas is a must.

DECARBITE® may be used in heat applications that generate CO2 as an unwanted contaminate gas in particular industrial applications.

Note: DECARBITE® is not recommended for use in re-breathing systems such as anesthesia, closed systems, or under water self contained units.


Our products have served such industries as:

- Analytical Equipment
- Pure Gases
- Metallurgy
- Electronic Industry
- Research Institutions
- Manufacturing