Carbon Dioxide Absorbent

If you have a problem with the presence of CO2 in your system, DECARBITE® can provide the solution.

DECARBITE® is a formulated material designed to irreversibly absorb carbon dioxide from atmospheric gases.

Using a manufacturing process developed by P.W. Perkins Co., Inc., this material is a composite of sodium hydroxide fixed to a carrier material, namely naturally occuring inert silica base. Our process forms a granular material of large surface area ideal for rapid quantitative absorption of carbon dioxide.

The amount of Sodium Hydroxide in DECARBITE® is high, approximately 90%, and accounts for the aggressive product performance and exceptional capacity for absorption of CO2.

  • Efficiency: DECARBITE® should be used for the rapid or high performance quantitative absorption of CO2

  • Capacity: DECARBITE® will absorb in excess of 40% of the material weight at standard temperature pressure (STP) under optimal conditions. 100g of DECARBITE® will absorb 40g of CO2 at flow rates of 100ml/min.

  • Handling: DECARBITE® is a dry granular chemical with a high caustic content. The instructions for handling of this material are stated on the Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that is included with this product.
Our products have served such industries as:

- Analytical Equipment
- Pure Gases
- Metallurgy
- Electronic Industry
- Research Institutions
- Manufacturing